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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Celebrate Independence Day by Supporting A Small Business

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to support a small business. What do we mean by this? We mean that entrepreneurs that start a small business venture outside of the box to become independent leaders of their lives, taking risks to be creative and fulfill their purpose or dream.

Much like the founders of this country, small business owners take a chance and invest a great deal to transition an idea to an actual product or service. Along the way, never knowing what the future holds, on a journey that would be unnerving to many.

It is said that for every dollar that is spent at a small business 68 cents returns to the community and for a national chain only 43 cents is returned! We are grateful to be part of the The Made in DC Program that supports + promotes the city's designers, producers, manufacturers and makers.
At Bazaar Spices we do our best to not only be active members of the local community, but also support a number of local makers from Aromatic Spice Blends, Swapples'Chups, OdeSkiz Fernando, Jonathan Bardzik, Jenny Holm, and Dahlia Nutrition & Wellness by retailing or demonstrating their products at our shops, but also supporting many other professionals such as SKC Marketing, Grassfed Media, Capital Construction Group and many others.

Each week this month, we will be highlighting how our small business provides opportunities for so many other local businesses, artisans and makers. Follow us on our journey!

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