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Friday, May 15, 2015

Conditioning Body Scrub made with Potpourri

It's no secret to anybody who knows me that I love making potpourri. Because of that, I have quite a bit in my house that could use some refreshing. This time, though, I decided take my recent fascination with homemade scrubs and combine it with my beautiful homemade potpourri ingredients. The end product: a softening herbal scented body scrub that is great for mixing with your daily body wash.

A few things you should know before making this:

  • You should NOT use store bought potpourri. Many of those types of potpourri have artificial ingredients I would not want to test on my skin. 
  • Make sure your potpourri has ingredients that are safe to use on your skin. The ingredients in my potpourri were ALL flowers/herbs except the orris root powder, dried orange peel and cloves, and those ingredients are safe to use.
  • Make sure the potpourri is ground to a gentle consistency. The dried orange peel and cloves were very tough to grind in my mortar and pestle, so I just picked them out. Next time I'm going to blend the potpourri into a coffee or spice grinder and make it into a fine powder (though I did like how the bits of buds and petals felt when scrubbing).

With all that said here's what I used!


4 tbsp of  Crushed/Ground Potpourri (Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Orange Peel, Cloves, & Orris Root)
2 tbsp of Purple Corn Flour*
1½ tbsp of Olive Oil*


Mix these ingredients until it starts to kind of stick together. Then mix with your favorite body wash and scrub away!

*Feel free to change up these ingredients and the amount. I used this page as a guide. Also, feel free to add more oil. I like it to be almost a putty-like consistency, so it mixes nicely with the body wash, but if you'd like more moisture, add some more. 

Sara is currently studying romance languages at the University of Maryland, College Park. As a student and a team member of Bazaar Spices, she is able to fuel her interest in understanding different cultures. For Sara, understanding different cultures is key to connecting with people, and there is nothing more gratifying to her than that. 

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