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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Top Five Summer Pickling Tips from Oh! Pickles

We recently caught up with Arondo Holmes of Oh! Pickles, one of DC's finest pickling companies, and we had a chance to pick his brain for his top pickling tips and tricks to help us make the most of our summer garden bounties. 

Arondo Holmes of Oh! Pickles Top Pickling Tips

TIP #1: 
If you are pickling cucumbers, make sure that the cucumbers are thoroughly chilled first. If you're using brine, it is best to use a brine that is not too hot. Bring the brine mix to a boil then let cool slightly. Hot, but not boiling is key when you pour it on the cucumbers. The cold of the cucumbers will neutralize the temperature of the brine yielding a crunchier cucumber. 

TIP #2: 
Some really great spices to use in pickling are the Four Peppercorn blends. The pink, green, and black peppercorns help bring out a rich flavor. For a sour pickle, add a bit of dill. For pickled beets, add some sugar. For okra, add some garlic. The higher the quality the spice, the less you have to use and the deeper the flavor. 

TIP #3: 
If you're a novice just beginning your pickling journey, start with a New York Deli Half Sour. It takes a day and a half to make. Then, move on to the Full Sour Deli Pickle

TIP #4
Towards the end of summer, some of the best things to pickle are hot peppers, okra, beets, and cucumbers. As fall approaches, a really unique vegetable to pickle is Eggplant

TIP #5
There are many who want to can pickles. However, heat destroys the texture of the pickle when you can it, especially for whole sour pickles. My recommendation is to approach pickling via a water-batch method, not the pressure cooker method. Instead of canning pickles, opt for refrigerator-style or fermenting, allowing the pickles to get more sour over time.

Make sure you're not getting cucumbers coated with wax at traditional grocery stores. Buy local  from a farmer, grow your own, or verify that the pickles haven't been coated with wax. Wax is sprayed on cucumbers to give the cucumber a cleaner color, but wax is a barrier to the pickling process. 

Thanks to Arondo of Oh! Pickles for these stellar end of summer pickling tips! 

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