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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stressed Out: Try these DIY Calming and Fragrant Potpourri Bags

by Sara Hernandez

Making your own potpourri is truly magical. And, magical isn't a word I throw out all too often, so believe me, making these little bags of happiness is pretty magical.

When making potpourri, you’re basically taking these beautiful blossoms, buds, barks, roots, herbs and spices and making a concoction whose fragrance uplifts you, soothes you, and/or comforts you.
Ingredients for DIY homemade potpourri

It’s a great, relaxing hobby as well as a fun activity to make with friends or family. I mean, who wouldn’t like getting a bit messy and grabbing handfuls of flowers and leaves and mixing them all up? I know I certainly felt like some herbalist making a super secret remedy.

Of course, they’re also great party favors and gifts to give to people to let them know you’re thinking about them. They’re creative, they last longer than a bouquet of flowers, and it definitely beats giving someone something filled with strong artificial fragrances. You can give a cheerful citrus smelling one to brighten someone’s day or a soothing herbal one for that someone you know who could take a breather. This recipe, used as a giveaway to celebrate National Spice and Herb Day at Bazaar Spices, is a soothing one.

The original recipe is called pillow talk and you can find it here.

We changed the recipe up a bit and replaced a couple of the ingredients. Our version looks a bit like this:
-          1 ounce each of Lavender and Rose Buds
-          1/2 ounce Lemon Balm
-          1 tablespoon Sage (in store)
-          2 teaspoons Crushed Cloves
-          1 tablespoon Orris Root

Simply mix them all up and enjoy! It’s a very simple and lovely recipe with a little bit of everything.  It's got floral notes from the lavender and rose petals, a hint of lemon from the lemon balm, a herbal note from the sage and a bit of sweetness from the cloves. The orris root helps make the smell last longer.

A few notes: When making this recipe the orris root needs to be ground. We used our mortar and pestle for that (if you choose this way, know that the orris root’s tough, so be prepared for a workout!). Also, some people like to add a drop of essential oil to make their potpourri stronger. I’d say because this recipe does not have a lot of ingredients, even a drop of essential oil would overpower the mixture. Lastly, this recipe made up 12 of these 3 x 4 bags. You can find these bags at your local crafts store.

Ingredients for DIY homemade potpourri

Sara is currently studying romance languages at the University of Maryland, College Park. As a student and a team member of Bazaar Spices, she is able to fuel her interest in understanding different cultures. For Sara, understanding different cultures is key to connecting with people, and there is nothing more gratifying to her than that. 

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