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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Celebrate National Herbs and Spices Day!

by Kara Elder

It's National Herbs and Spices Day!

To celebrate, we of the Bazaar Spices team are highlighting our favorite herbs and spices. And be sure to stop by the shop today - the first 10 customers will receive a little gift!

Potpourri for the first 10 customers! Made of Lavender, Rose Petals,
Lemon Balm, Sage, Cloves, Orris Root, and Rosemary. 

Monica's favorite: Chana masala blend - it's great on chickpeas and lentils, and I really love adding it to curried chickpeas.

Monica's Curried Chickpeas

Ivan's favorite: It's too hard to choose! I like the lemon and dill blend sprinkled on salads, and the Quebec steak seasoning is my go-to rub for steaks, but my favorite (for now) is Cinnamon Korintje, used to make cinnamon buns.

Sara's favorite: Za'atar. I use it on everything - I put it over my toast with a little oil, and it's really easy to just sprinkle over vegetables before baking. The first time I used za'atar, I made this recipe for roasted za'atar eggplant bowls. 

Za'atar eggplant bowls (photo courtesy Goop)

Kara's favorite: Nigella seeds. They're a little bitter, and taste like nothing I've had before. I put them on roasted vegetables, on crackers, in salad dressings...or anywhere!

Nigella seeds on roasted vegetables.

Need more reasons to use herbs and spices every day? Check out these articles from NPR about the potential health benefits of za'atar, turmeric, and cinnamon, and get inspired by this slideshow of 25 herbs and spices for your health from Huffington Post.

Happy Herb and Spice Day!

Kara Elder grew up playing in the kitchen cupboards and reading cookbooks for fun while watching her mom cook tasty Mexican meals. After graduating with a degree in Russian, she found herself increasingly interested in reading food blogs and planning menus. Kara, her mom, and her sister started a food blog of their own, The Troika Table. Kara is a Bazaar Spices Team Member and also works for Joan Nathan, a DC-based cookbook author and food writer. 

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