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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All About Salt

From course Himalayan Pink to smokey Danish Viking, there is a plethora of sea salts from which to choose. Why not sample them all! That's exactly what folks did last Thursday, April 24th at our shop at Union Market.

They ventured with us on a journey through the world of salt as they learned a little bit about the history of this invaluable ingredient, the difference between rock salts and sea salts, various techniques to enhance the flavor of their meals, and sampled the wide variety of salts we offer.

Some of the favorite salts that emerged from our tasting included Danish Viking Smoked Salt, Porcini Salt, Aleppo Salt, Smoked Spanish Paprika Salt, and Hawaiian Alaea.

A Knight's Feast provided delectable treats upon which to sample the salts, as well. A Knight's Feast will be joining us once again on Thursday, May 29th for our upcoming Pepper Tasting.

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